Unlock Property is Australia’s first dedicated review website for Apartment Developers, House Builders and Individual Apartment Buildings.

Unlock Property is the only dedicated online destination where people can rate, review and recommend Apartment Developers, House Builders and Individual Apartment Buildings around Australia. Apartment Developers and House Builders will be critiqued by users and rated based on the quality of product and services provided - and will also have the opportunity to respond to feedback and queries.

Reviews are approved and authenticated through a stringent process.

We never edit or alter reviews once they are submitted.

Interact with registered House Builders and Developers.


Share your review

Unlock Property is designed to make it easy for homeowners, landlords and tenants to provide honest feedback on their experiences: are you happy with the quality of your new house or apartment? Was it finished on time? Are there any defects? Every review goes through our stringent approval process and we never tamper with reviews before posting. Not even to fix your typos.


Escalate issues

Unlock Property provides a forum for escalating issues and helping to give visibility of user concerns. By submitting a review, you have the option to escalate issues for an Apartment Developer or House Builder to address.


Access hundreds of reviews

No more sifting through website after website, trying to find answers. Unlock Property is your online destination for browsing reviews on House Builders, Apartment Developers and Individual Apartments – directly from the people who know.


Make a better informed purchasing decision - Unlock Property provides you with comprehensive, up-to-date user submitted information about Apartment Developers and House Builders past projects (where available), quality and service ratings, reviews, photos, recommendations and more.


Connect with consumers

Unlock Property provides a platform for homeowners, tenants and landlords to connect with Apartment Developers or House Builders and get issues resolved. Companies with an Unlock Property account can view, respond to and address customer feedback in a timely way.


Manage your brand

Gain access to our brand management tools to unlock your profile: obtain regular reports on how many reviews your company is receiving, comments made, customer support requests and recommendations. Utilise the profile management tools to improve your brand and customer engagement.


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