1.7km high, plans for the world’s tallest building set for Japan

At more than 5 times the height of Sydney Tower, this Japanese super tower will peer through the atmosphere at 1700 metres.
Architectural firm Kohn Pederson Fox and engineering firm Leslie E. Roberston Associates plan to build Sky Mile Tower in the newly planned mini-city called Next Tokyo. Sky Mile Tower will be the centrepiece and will house 50,000 residents. This is a long term vision and won’t be completed until 2045. Once complete it will be more than twice the height of the worlds current tallest building, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which stands at 827 metres.


We are living in the age of the super tower where new buildings around the world thrive to become the next world’s tallest building.
Not only will Sky Mile Tower be tall, it will also be designed in a very science fiction like way. The building’s hi-tech facade will collect, filter and store water from the atmosphere, providing water to the apartments. Elevators will be cable-free and able to move both vertically and horizontally.
All of this has been designed to combat climate change and rising tides. The hexagon-shaped islands will form a barrier to protect Japan’s capital from flooding, along with providing housing to approximately 500,000.

Sky Mile Tower4
Sky Mile Tower3

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