Australia, Unlock Property has arrived! 

Our very first blog post. How fitting that within days of launching Unlock Property, the Sydney Morning Herald runs a headline story about a consumer who was misled and cheated by a property developer after purchasing an off-the-plan apartment.

Unlock Property has been designed to serve a very clear purpose; to help consumers in the Australian property market make smarter decisions when seeking to buy, rent or invest in a new house or apartment.

Through the power of the collective, consumers can help each other when deciding which apartment developer to buy from or which house builder to trust to construct their dream home. Or perhaps to gain insight from past tenants about an apartment building they want to move into.

Unlock Property provides a platform for people to come together and share reviews, ratings and recommendations about their property experience. Additionally, we give apartment developers and house builders the opportunity to connect with consumers and help improve their brand and engagement via their profile pages.

It’s time to shift the balance of power back into consumers’ hands when it comes to dealings in the property market.

You will notice there are no ads on our website. That’s completely intentional and a part of our mission to deliver an amazing experience and product to our users. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions as you interact with the platform.

Take a minute to read Jae’s story and share your property review, be it positive or otherwise, on Unlock Property today.

The Unlock Property Team


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